private instruction
Private instruction for individuals or groups is available by appointment.  

led classes
Led classes are for groups where the teacher counts the vinyasa out loud.  Students follow along together at the pace guided by the teacher.  Led classes are a great way to deepen one’s understanding of the vinyasa system and the sequential nature of the Ashtang Yoga series.

mysore style
Mysore Style is an Ashtanga Yoga self practice in a group setting where students are taught on an individual basis at a pace appropriate for them.  Traditional practice is six days a week during the early morning, taking rest on Saturdays and New and Full Moons.

All students begin their Ashtanga Yoga practice with Surya Namaskar A (sun salutation) and end with Padmasana (seated posture) and rest.  These act as bookends to one's practice.  Once students correctly learn these basic postures, new postures are added over time.  This aids students to develop a sense of confidence and accountability to their own journey.  This simple and accessible practice may take 20-30 minutes, whereas a more advanced practice can take an hour or more.