nicole paterson
Nicole began her yoga journey in 1999 while living in Washington, DC.  In 2000, Nicole returned to New York where she took a led Ashtanga Yoga class from her first Ashtanga teacher, Amy Kern.  
A few days following September 11, 2001, on the advice of a friend Nicole attended Pattabhi Jois' (Guruji) World Tour in New York.  The Twin Towers had fallen and the City was in a state of confusion and panic.  Nicole remembers: 

It was a 6:00 am led class and there must have been 200 students present.  Guruji walked onto the floor of the Puck Building wearing a FDNY t-shirt in memory of a fallen firefighter and fellow Ashtanga student.  He began the opening invocation, “Samasthih,” he said, we all pressed our feet into our mats and hands together at our hearts chanted “Ohm.”  His ability to hold the space was something I had never experienced before.”  

Since that day, Nicole has maintained a daily Ashtanga Yoga practice.  

Nicole has studied with Eddie Stern, Noah Williams, Kimberly Flynn, James Butkevich and Maia Heiss.  She assisted James Butkevich for six years at Ashtanga Yoga Los Angeles and now leads the Ashtanga Project.  

Nicole made her first trip to Mysore, India in 2004, and has made many more trips to study with Guruji, Sharath and Saraswathi.  Her most memorable trips have been with daughter, Lila.

In 2010 Sharath Jois, Guruji’s grandson and Director of the Shri. K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute of Mysore, India, authorized Nicole to teach.  She continues her studies through regular visits to India, and with Maia Heiss of Ashtanga Yoga Maya in Los Angeles, California.